– Petra Seliška –

Zekir (20) and Zarif (16) are the elder brothers of a family of shepherds. Every year, with their younger siblings, they spend five months on the heights of the Sär mountains, among their twenty shepherd dogs and five hundred sheep, while their parents stay in the village. Life in the refuge is precarious, but nature is gorgeous: “just fresh air and joy”, Zekir says. And work. Hard work, everyday work. There is no alternative: “If you want to stay here, you have to work”, Zarif says, and to work means to be a shepherd, as they have been since they were 6 years old. So, when the teenager begins to daydream about another life while scrolling on his smartphone, a breach opens. If Zarif leaves, will Zekir be able to keep the trade they have inherited from many generations, and which they began to pass down to the younger ones?