What happened at the Prespa Lake, that day? Urška was 22. She was apianist, a model, and a single mother to a little girl. She remembers divinginto the water, and swimming to a little island that stands in the middle of thelake. That was 15 years ago. She had the whole life ahead of her. But herbody decided otherwise.

Shot over 20 years, «Body» tells the incredible story of a woman strugglingwith a body that speaks its own language. Struck suddenly by a series of rareautoimmune diseases, which make her tumble into disability, Urška learns tolisten to her body, but also to face elements of her past that she had buried,not knowing that her cells would keep a record.

Diary of a body, medical investigation, existential meditation, «Body» is alsothe portrait of a strong, outspoken character, and the story of a friendshipbetween two women who shared their adolescence in the tumult of thedebuting ex-Yugoslavia.